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Why do you use mostly acrylic yarn?

I use mostly acrylic yarn because it is easiest for the general consumer to care for. Machine wash,Machine dry. Gentle cycle on both please!

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Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I use USPS Global Priority Mail. A flat rate charge of $20.00 USD. Please see my Terms page for more information.

What is the difference between "Custom Order" and "Special Order"?

A Custom Order is an order for something that is not found on the web site, but I have made it for you at your request.A custom order is also one that has been personalized.
A Special Order is an item that is on the web pages, and you have requested it in a different color than specified.

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What method do you use to ship?

I use United States Postal Service--Priority mail for shipments in the U.S.A and Global Priority Mail for International shipments. Please see my terms page for more information.

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In your header, you say "Because Homemade is Better Made". Why?

"Homemade is Better Made" because the crafts person has complete control over the quality of the project at hand. Weather it is knitting, wood working, ceramics, or whatever the craft, the artist is the one responsible for the final outcome of the piece. Most artists take great pride in what they do and frequently, if it doesn't pass their eye for perfection, you, the consumer will never see it. Another reason "homemade is better made" is craft artists have the ability to create a piece of art for individuals who desire them. Tell me, when was the last time you walked into a major department store and said to the clerk, " I like this tablecloth, but I want it in a different pattern that you don't have. I want you to order it special---just for me." Now we both know the clerk is going to look at you like you grew a second head. However a craft artist will more than likely say, "Yes Ma'am / Sir, how can I make it perfect for YOU."
"Because Homemade is Better Made"
Perfection and satisfaction for you, two great reasons why "homemade is better made".

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