Children's Stuffed Toys

Did you, or someone you know, just give birth to a second or maybe third child?
Don't forget that the older child may become a bit jealous of all the new baby presents.
You can solve that problem with a knitted toy made just for the new big sister or brother.
The handmade toys on this page are all child safe and make a wonderful gift to be given to the new sibling.
Available to you is a stuffed rabbit toy, a stuffed baby doll, and a gingerbread doll.
These stuffed toys also make a great birthday gift idea.

Item 303: Stuffed Bunny

Bunny Stuffed Toy

This baby safe stuffed bunny is just the right size for small hands.The eyes and nose are embroidered on so there is no chance of buttons or beads falling off. The filling is 100% hypo-allergenic fiber fill.The outer covering is 100% acrylic yarn.This knit stuffed rabbit is machine washable. This stuffed bunny will make a wonderful gift for the older sibling. You will smile when you see him, because he's really cute.Available colors are Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Baby Green, and Baby Yellow.

ITEM NO: 303
PRICE: $15.00
MA. Taxable: yes

Item 307 Stuffed Doll

Stuffed Doll Toy

This stuffed doll is a great gift idea for the new big sister.While mom is rocking the baby, big sister can rock her "baby" too. This stuffed doll is also baby and child safe, as again, I embroider the eyes and mouth with yarn rather than use buttons or beads. Doll baby is stuffed with 100% hypo-allergenic fiber fill, outer covering is 100% acrylic yarn. Patterns vary, but you can choose the hair color. Blond, Brunette or Red-head.

ITEM NO: 307
PRICE: $15.00
MA Taxable: yes

Item 306: Ginger stuffed doll

Gingerbread Doll

This gingerbread doll was inspired by the story "The Gingerbread Man". Embroidered eyes, mouth and 3 "raisins" on his tummy makes for a child safe toy.Outer knit is 100% acrylic yarn and stuffed with hypo-allergenic fiber fill.Truly a stuffed gingerbread baby doll that will be treasured.

ITEM NO: 306
PRICE: $15.00
MA Taxable: yes

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