Pattern Choices


This page has several pictures of the pattern choices you have for several of the items for sale at this site. Please allow enough time for the page to load, you won't be sorry you did.


Here are a few of the many pattern choices you have for special/custom orders; from left to right, Pattern L1, L231
Second row, L3 and L5
and on the bottom, L7

lace pat 1    lace pat 231

lace pat 3    lace pat 5

lace pat 7

These lace patterns are great for the baby layette set, or the lace tablecloth.
Please indicate which pattern you would like in the comments box of the shopping cart.

These designs can be used for hats, scarves, an afghan, or whatever your heart desires.

tuck pat 3    tuck pat 3a

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More choices will be coming soon. Don't forget to bookmark this site.

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