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Welcome to my winter outer wear page! This page, for your on-line shopping pleasure, is loaded with practical items to keep you warm from head to toe. I have winter ski hats for men and women that are sure to become favorite items.For the kids, I have winter hats that they will actually enjoy wearing.You will love my ear warmers, great for cycling or jogging on those cold winter mornings.Moving on down the body to the neck, I have a great knitted scarf that has a texture pattern to it and not overly bulky.For hands, I have both mittens and gloves, knitted of course.The children's mittens are on a string so they are more difficult to get lost.Last but not least, offered to you, are thick knitted slippers that are gauranteed to keep your feet warm.


Item 103 winter ski hat

Woman or Man Winter Ski Hat

This knit winter hat is a must for your
skiing adventure,or just around town,if you don't ski.
A wonderfully warm winter hat that will stretch for a woman's hair style,but not to much for a man.
The photo is showing the texture pattern of the ladies hat style. The man's winter hat is knitted
without the pattern.Made of worsted weight yarn,
this knitted hat is very warm hat to wear.
One size fits most.
Available colors: Ecru,Navy Blue, Grey or Black.

PRICE: $25.00

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Item 107 knit hat kid

Child Knit Hat

The girls winter hat has a quilt design pattern,done in white.
The boys winter hat (not shown) has cars where the pattern is.
This hat is good and warm for those cold winter days.
One size will fit most children.
Available colors:
Red, Green, Blue,Pink, Lilac.

ITEM NO: 107
PRICE: $15.00

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Item 104 winter ear warmer

Winter Ear Warmer

So, you don't like full hats?
A perfect solution for keeping those ears warm.
This winter headband is doubled and fits
easily into a coat pocket.
This ear warmer is great for cycling, jogging
or any out door activity in the winter.
One size fits most.
Snowflake pattern is white.
Available colors: Maroon, Red,
Blue, Grey or Black.

ITEM NO: 104
PRICE: $20.00

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Item 106 kid mitten on string

Child Winter Knitted Mittens on a String

These winter mittens are warm and wonderful.They have
a cord firmly attached to the inside cuff so they will not be lost easily.The cord of these winter mittens goes thru both sleeves of your childs coat and across the back, so if the mitten comes off the hand, it dangles and doesn't get lost.These childrens winter mittens are made with worsted weight yarn.
Available colors: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, and Lilac
sizes: sm(2-4 yr), med(4-6 yr),lrg(6-8 yr),xlrg(8-10 yr)

ITEM NO: 106
PRICE: $15.00

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Men and Women Knitted Gloves
Item 108 men and women knitted gloves.

Womens and mens knitted gloves, made with worsted weight yarn, make these gloves very warm indeed.
The cuff measures 4 inches,which can be turned down if that's too long for your taste.
Average size for womens winter gloves,
measured from wrist to top of middle finger, is 7 inches.
Average man winter glove size,also measured from wrist to middle finger is 8 inches.
If your hand is larger or smaller,please contact me, you can
special order these knitted gloves for a perfect fit.
Available colors: Ecru, Navy Blue, Grey, Black, Maroon, Red, and Med.Blue.

ITEM NO: 108
PRICE: $20.00

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Knitted Winter Scarves for Men Women and Children

Item 105 men,woman,child knitted scarf

Finally a knitted scarf that is not to bulky.This scarf tucks into itself and stays put. Great for kids playing in the snow, and for adults who like to be fashionable.The Child's scarf measures approximately 18 inches long from end to end.The womans scarf is approximately 21 inches, and the mans scarf is approximately 25 inches long.This knitted scarf can be sized to fit your neck,please contact me.
Available colors: Red, Blue, Green, Grey, and Black.

PRICE $20.00

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Thick Knitted Slippers
Item 101 slippers

These thick knitted slippers are so warm,your feet may wind up sweating. Made with worsted weight yarn that has been doubled, allows me to gaurantee to you that these will be the warmest slippers you've ever had.These slippers are also safe on those slippery floors. I have added a stripe of non-skid backing to the sole for safety.
Available colors for these warm slippers are
Navy Blue, Red, and Green.
For correct sizing,measure your foot from the heel to your longest toe.
Toddler-5 inch length
Child-7 inch length
Pre-teen/womens-9 inch length
Men-11 inch length

ITEM NO: 101
PRICE: $15.00

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